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  Flower Horn Diseases 

It is hard to accept the fact that anyone you cared and loved so much, falling sick. The word 'diseases' usually has got no relationship with this species, but we must not be deceived by the fact that the appearance of the Flower Horn will have us think that it is a strong breed or immune to any type of fish diseases. Just like any other breeds of fish, they are also prone to sickness and diseases that could infect them.

     [ Stress ]

Sudden change of environment would make the fish feel very stress. Stress normally happen when catching the Flower Horn and putting it into a new aquarium, from small to bigger or even from small to small. Even though the distance could be only barely 30 cm away, you must also remember that you are lifting them out of mother nature, water. For them, is like fighting for survival.

Flower Horn illness is more sensitive towards the new habitat that contains nitrogen, causing the immune system of the fish to deteriorate. Once the quality of the water changes, Flower Horn would be more vulnerable to infections or diseases.

Prevention before it happens would be, the fish selection process. We may not select the perfect fish for your tank, but as soon as you purchased the fish it is advisable  to bring it home as soon as possible. There is a gap of differences for the water quality and temperature between the fish shop and your aquarium at home.

Give your Flower Horn a grace period and try to note the changes on their body and behavior. If there is any symptoms of suspected disease, it is best to quarantine the fish in separate tank and put them on medication. Once the situation return back to normal, transfer them back to the old aquarium.

And, don't forget the basic things such as filtering system, pH level, scheduled feeding and proper diet will provide them with essential nutrition, vitamins and mineral.

     [ Water Condition ]

You read of Nitrifying bacteria before, and you may been wondering what the bacteria is doing in your aquarium water and why it is important to your tank ecological system.

Nitrifying bacteria helps to degrade the dangerous components, nitrogenous compounds and ammonia produced from the fish metabolism or from the left over food to nitrite and nitrate, which are less harmful to your Flower Horn. Nitrate is easily controlled through regular water changes. The nitrogen cycle needs to be maintained in order to keep the water clean and healthy.

In case if you have not been cleaning / changing your aquarium water for too long, you may wonder what's it in the water. First, you have eliminated the nitrifying bacteria in the water, lead to an increase of nitrogenous compounds that makes your water dirty,  indicates the drop of pH level and causes an ecological imbalance. Imagine living in a  house where it has been left unclean / untidy for weeks, how will it affect you? Same thing goes with your Flower Horn.

     [ Living Environment ]

Your Flower Horn should have a spacious space for them to roam around. Limited space for movement can stunt the growth of your Flower Horn and affects their behavior. Psychologically, your Flower Horn look smaller in a smaller tank but look bigger in a bigger tank. By putting them in a bigger aquarium, you will not only be enjoying the sight and activities of your Flower Horn but it will also lead the Flower Horn to have a wonderful life and lead a less stressful life. Let them build their own empress, not placing many fishes within the same aquarium.

Decoration is not the important thing in having a fish tank at home. What more important is your fish. Your fish look good, you aquarium look good too. Unless you have a big aquarium, you may decorate it up and avoid putting harmful materials into your aquarium. Avoid putting colored artificial stones. Why not go to any clean river bank, scoop up a few scoops, wash it by soaking it in clean water few hours / overnight for few times then only level it at the bottom of your tank.

     [ Pathogen Infection ]

During the changes of season occurs, it will cause changes in the water to occur. Drop or increase in temperature will deteriorate the quality of the water, which leads to the weakening of the fish mechanism, promoting growth to other harmful bacteria and resulting injuries on the body of the fish. Some of the injuries are obvious and visible, but it is the unseen materials in the contaminated water that causes these. The unseen and unwelcome guests are usually harmful bacteria or parasites.

Different types of bacteria will cause different kinds of diseases. Detailed and close observation is needed to find out about the disease in order to provide the correct treatment for your fish. Thanks to the booming of the other fishes earlier, most fish food manufacturers has their own specialized medications on different diseases sold in the market now. Before purchasing any medication, it is ADVISABLE for you to first ask the fish breeder if they could help you to identify the type of disease by explaining to them the symptoms and allow them to choose the correct medication for your Flower Horn. The next step is to read the instructions CAREFULLY and USE THE CORRECT DOSAGE as printed on the label. Follow the instructions as directed and taking into consideration the extent of infection or injuries on the fish, the size of the fish and also the water volume in your aquarium.

     [ Nutrition problem ]

Incorrect way of feeding may cause nutrition imbalance.

Low protein - slow down the growth
Excessive protein - fatty liver
Vitamin A - Fin bleeding; blurry, pop or cloudiness eyes
Other vitamins and mineral would lead to spinal deformities, open ulcer, "Hole-in-head"

Once this happens, it may or would take a long time to turn situation back to normal. Therefore, while choosing and feeding your Flower Horn try to mix up different kinds of fish food to make it a balanced diet. You could mix the manufactured food with live stock to provide the full nutrition for your Flower Horn at home, ensuring a healthy and beautiful look.

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